What's the Story? Lesson 3

This lesson is the third of five lessons to be conducted over a three-week period and will take the full class period. Conduct this lesson on the day after Lesson 2.

Today you will:


  1. Review the Surveys for each group.
  2. Set up computer lab for students to review their resources. Each group should have access to at least one computer with Internet access.

Students Groups Select Surveys and Make Predictions

Researchers use surveys to estimate behavior and environments of a certain group. As student researchers, students in your class can choose what kind of survey they want to complete: each group has three to choose from.

Encourage each group to have a short discussion about the research they have already done, and if the research is consistent with their own behavior and that of their peers. For example, in the What's the Story? Interactive Timeline, it shows soda consumption gradually increasing. Do students feel they consume a lot of soda? Encourage them to discuss each of the three surveys and what they would learn from each before deciding on one.

Students Continue Work on Presentations

Have each group return to the presentation template they started in Lesson 2. They will give a presentation to the entire class at the end of this exploration that should include their research (that they have done on the given student resources) and results from their surveys (that they will be doing over the coming week). They should continue work on the first part of their presentation, completing slides 5 and 6 in the template, where they review research in their area and make hypotheses about the activities, diet and environment of their classmates.

Prepare and Distribute Surveys

Duplicate copies of the surveys for each student, or encourage each group to print a survey for each member in their group. Everyone in the group should complete the same survey.