What's the Story? Lesson 2

This lesson is the second of five lessons to be conducted over a three-week period and will take the full class period. Conduct this lesson after Lesson 1.

Today, you will:


Group Research Activity

Divide students into three groups representing three different professions: nutritionists, physiologists and anthropologists. Throughout this Exploration, student groups will take on the roles of these professionals to make observations and collect and analyze data.


  1. Help your students form into groups.
  2. Give each group the appropriate What's the Story? Group Guide. Encourage students to take notes on what they learn while reviewing research.
  3. Distribute the PowerPoint templates, Nutritionists, Physiologists, and Anthropologists. Encourage students to complete the first 4 slides in the template to summarize their research and the factors they feel have led to the nationwide epidemic of obesity.