What's the Story?

In this exploration:

This exploration will require five full class periods of instruction over a 3-week period — three classes in week 1 and two classes in week 2.

Lessons and Schedule


Students will:
  • Engage in:
    • scientific inquiry,
    • collaborative group work,
    • explore national trends and factors contributing toward obesity
  • Engage in group research activities.
  • Collect and Analyze data.
  • Publish and Present findings and conclusions.
Lesson 1 View Lesson 1
Monday of week 1 Students will be introduced to the following animations: U.S. Obesity Trends Map, Portion Distortion Trends and What´s the Story? Interactive Timeline. They will also discuss three key professions in health related research.
Lesson 2 View Lesson 2
Tuesday of week 1
Students will be divided into three groups representing the three different professions to make observations and collect data. They will read and summarize research articles in a PowerPoint Presentation.
Lesson 3 View Lesson 3
Lesson 3
Wednesday of week 1 Each group will choose one assessment method for the entire class to conduct. Groups will discuss their choice with their class.
Thursday of week 1 -  Wednesday of week 3
Students will make observations, collect data, record findings and track their experiences on their assessment sheets.
Lesson 4 View Lesson 4
Thursday of week 3 Students share their findings within their group. Groups combine and assess their findings. Working in their presentation template, each student group will completed their presentation.
Lesson 5
View Lesson 5
Friday of week 3 Students share presentations and discuss ways to share research with others in community or nationally.

National Science Standards

This exploration meets many of the National Science Education Standards, set forth by the National Committee on Science Education Standards and Assessment, of the National Research Council. Review the standards for this exploration.

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