About This Project

Eat, Move, Learn is organized around the idea that we must "balance" the energy we take in through our food and the energy we spend in physical activity. Eat, Move, Learn helps you and your class to analyze the problems of food and fitness, find promising solutions to energy imbalance, and design a study to test your ideas.

Eat, Move, Learn consists of 4 modules and 13 lessons that your class can use sequentially or individually.

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6th Grade Teacher - Indiana


This project was supported in part by the NRI of the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service grant number 2003-05286.


This program was designed to promote healthy weights among adolescents. The social ecology model was used to guide the design of the content of the lessons and the constructivist framework for designing the learning approach. Constructivism posits that students build their understanding of the world and themselves out of an active-learning experience. The content revolves around four themes: physical activity, nutrition and food, environment and behavioral patterns. Within each theme, students put on the hat of a nutritionist, a physiologist, or an anthropologist to examine the social and environmental factors that have an impact on achieving healthy weight. Through active application of the scientific process, students become empowered to develop their own solutions and strategies for leading a healthy life. Teachers and their enthusiastic students from schools in Arizona and Indiana participated in the development and testing of the program. Throughout the website, quotes from these original pioneers of Eat Move Learn are posted.


This outstanding educational tool that meets National Science Standards for the 6th grade is a collaborative endeavor by the following:

Principal Investigator
Carol J. Boushey, PhD, MPH, RD - Purdue University

New Mexico State University
Executive Producers:
Dr. Jeanne Gleason, Dr. Barbara Chamberlin

Project Manager:
Pamela Martinez

Graphic Design and Flash Programming:
Matt Byrnes

Instructional Design Team
Dr. Barbara Chamberlin, John "CC" Chamberlin, Pamela Martinez, Matt Byrnes, Amy Trujillo, Elizabeth Sohn, Adrian Aguirre-Martinez, Gerritt McGill

Flash and Web Development Team
Matt Byrnes, John "CC" Chamberlin, Greg Coffman, Adrian Aguirre-Martinez, Gerritt McGill, Kyle Fitzpatrick

Senior Advisor
Dennis Savaiano, PhD - Purdue University

Experimental Design/Statistical Analysis
George McCable, PhD - Purdue University
Linda McCabe - Purdue University

Project Coordinator
Kate G. Byers, RD - Purdue University

Curriculum Model
Frank Pottenger, PhD - University of Hawaii at Manoa

Technical Advisor
Kathleen J. Welshimer, PhD - Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Content Advisors
Sandy Shimabukuro, MPH - University of Hawaii at Manoa
Marta D. Van Loan, PhD - University of California, Davis

Quality Control And DXA Measures
Connie Weaver, PhD - Purdue University

Implementation and Evaluation
Carol J Boushey, PhD, MPH, RD - Purdue University
Scott Going, PhD - The University of Arizona
Tim Lohman, PhD - The University of Arizona
Daniel A. McDonald, PhD - The University of Arizona

Site Evaluation
Jeannie Wetzel - Purdue University
Linda Monahan, RD - Purdue University

Janis Eklund, MS - The University of Arizona
Phyllis Read - The University of Arizona
Lisa Lauxman, PhD - The University of Arizona
Jennifer Reeves, MEd - The University of Arizona

Schools that participated in the initial trial:

Benton Community School Corporation
Oxford Elementary School
405 North 5th Street
Oxford, IN 47971

Community Schools of Frankfort
Frankfort Middle School
329 North Maish Road
Frankfort, IN 46041

Mansfeld Middle School
Tucson Unified School District
Tucson, Arizona

Naylor Middle School
Tucson Unified School District
Tucson, Arizona

School Evaluation

Special thanks to the teachers who assisted in the development and testing of Eat, Move, Learn!

Frankfort Middle School, Frankfort, IN
Jeff Bracken
Martin Hale

Oxford Elementary School, Oxford, IN
Christy Doyle

Fowler Elementary School, Fowler, IN
Cathy Coats
Lois Francis

Sunnyside Middle School, Lafayette, IN
Bonnie Hiatt
Lisa Hobbs

Mansfeld Middle School, Tucson, AZ
Lupita Cantua
Misha Clark
Teresa Belden
Amanda Conger
Rosemary Rosas-Delich

Apollo Middle School, Tucson, AZ
Steve Bauer
Patricia Robles-Medina
Liz Caccamise